What is a Shaker Kitchen?

A Shaker kitchen is the name for a kitchen design that offers simplicity, functionality and craftsmanship.

The Shaker kitchens a popular kitchen design featured all across the globe and has become a timeless style choice. The simplistic Shaker designs would typically have units utilising one panel with no added features other than a handle.

But what has made this kitchen design such a timeless choice amongst those upgrading their kitchens and what makes it different from other styles?

Shaker kitchen design

History of the Shaker Kitchen

Before we understand what makes the Shaker kitchen so popular, we must first understand the origin of the design.

The Shaker kitchen gets its name from an 18th century Quaker American group known as the ‘Shaking Quakers’.

Modesty was and humility played a part in many aspects of the lives of the Shaking Quakers, extending through their behaviours, clothing and even their home. This religious practice meant that they were to show humility before God, meaning that the use of any elaborate kitchen design was forbidden.

When designing their kitchens, the Shaking Quakers focused on their ability to self-sustain their families and communities, often building their own furniture. Some of the typical wood types they would have used in their kitchens would include cherry or pine timber.

Key Characteristics of a Shaker Kitchen

The Shaker style kitchen design is still incredibly popular today. It displays that very same style and key characteristics that the Shaking Quakers originally used in their kitchen. Here are some of the key characteristics of a Shaker kitchen:

● Simple Design – Shaker kitchens feature straight lines and minimalist design elements. They often avoid flashy details or excessive decoration, keeping things simple and modest.
● Functional Layout – Shaker kitchens prioritise functionality and efficiency. They often have well-organised storage solutions and ample workspace due to their historical purpose of self-reliance.
● Quality Craftsmanship – Craftsmanship is a hallmark of Shaker design. Cabinets and furniture in a Shaker design are usually well-made from high-quality materials, such as solid woods such as cherry and pine timber. Modern Shaker designs can use a variety of different materials whilst still boasting wooden features.
● Neutral Colours – Shaker kitchens typically feature a neutral colour palette, with shades such as white, cream, grey, or natural wood tones dominating the colour scheme. This ties in with the theme of simplicity as boastful and bright colours would deviate from the modest design

Shaker kitchen design

Why are Shaker Kitchens so Popular?

A kitchen designed in the Shaker style has become an increasingly popular design, growing in popularity amongst home owners. But why are people opting for a Shaker design of kitchen?

Minimalist – As Shaker designs are very simplistic and minimalistic, they have found themselves fitting in with modern fashion. Although these kitchens are known for their minimalism, the straight edges and clean look allow for an elegant and stylish tone.

Functionality – Due to the original purpose of the Shaker kitchen, these kitchens put functionality at the forefront of their design. In a Shaker design, everything should be easily stored, accessible and kept tidy, all whilst offering a large workspace.

Homely – Many stylists and homeowners love the Shaker kitchen. This is because it offers something nostalgic or a yearning for a time long forgotten.

This nostalgia radiates warmth, comfort and, to some, offers a family feeling.

Timeless – The Shaker design is a property investors dream as this design is known for being able to stand the test of time.

As a design that has been popular since the 18th century, you’re guaranteed to see this kitchen design in many years to come.

Even if your house is modern, the Shaker design is still well placed to pair with any property style.

Our Shaker Kitchen Designs

At Cheverell, we offer completely bespoke kitchen designs, allowing you to adopt any style of kitchen that you desire, including the popular Shaker design.

Ranging from modern handleless style kitchens, to timeless classic shaker kitchens, we offer something for every style and function needed.

Shaker kitchen

Examples of Shaker Kitchens

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what a Shaker Kitchen might look like, take a look at our gallery for examples of some of the Shaker designs we have worked on.

Contact us

Our team of kitchen designers are happy to assist you with any kitchen design questions you may have. No project is too big or too small for our team of experts.

Simply head over to our contact page to get in touch.

Bespoke bathrooms in 3 distinctive styles

The best bespoke bathrooms are tranquil, balanced spaces, created with relaxation in mind. 

From handmade vanity cabinets to carefully selected colours, fixtures, and fittings, you’ll always find made to measure detail and thoughtful design behind our bathrooms. 

Here are 3 of our favourite bespoke bathroom projects, brought to life by our designers, craftsmen, and project management team. Each one reflects the owner’s unique tastes and lifestyle.

A recreation of Georgian charm

Our project at the ‘Woodlands House’ was wide-ranging in scope, including a master bathroom, children’s bathroom, shower room, and cloakroom. 

To reflect the Georgian heritage of the property, we designed, built, and hand-painted traditional vanity cabinets and bathroom panelling for each of the bathrooms.

Bespoke bathroom in Georgian style
The master bathroom

A sunny encapsulation of Georgian elegance and colour, the master bathroom features Sanderson Wallpaper’s “Finches”, unlacquered solid brass sanitary ware, and porcelain planked timber effect flooring. The new bath and vanity cabinets were fitted with gorgeous Honed Carrara marble worktops.

Bespoke bathroom in Georgian style
The shower room conversion

The shower room was a brand new conversion, created entirely from scratch. This called on our full-scale project management service and included knocking through to the downstairs bathroom to bring the plumbing up.

Serene modernity  

We refurbished four bespoke bathrooms at the ‘Wiltshire House’. Minimalist calm runs through the property, and we crafted our designs with this aesthetic in mind. 

The master bathroom is a study in pared-back luxury. We built a custom handleless floating vanity cabinet, which was spray painted and topped with modern freestanding basins and wall-mounted taps. 

Bespoke bathroom in modern style
Master bathroom

Caesarstone worktops and a painted glass splashback enhance the room’s light, spacious feel, while Artisans natural stone flooring adds a touch of warmth. A freestanding bath and frameless walk-in shower finish off this dream bathroom. 

Bespoke vanity unit

The other bathrooms, including a children’s bathroom and cloakroom, also featured made to measure cabinetry and calming colour palettes. 

Opulence and playful patterns

We always love working with Julia Blunt Interiors, and our collaboration at the ‘Hampshire House’ was a lot of fun. 

Once we’d refurbished it, the cloakroom became a standout room in this property, most notably for its beautiful Osborne and Little wallpaper, which features beautifully drawn ornamental coy carp in swirling water. 

Bespoke bathroom

We complemented the bold colours and patterns with custom-made walnut shelves, a polished steel basin, and contemporary wall mounted taps.  

Creating your perfect bespoke bathroom

If you’d like help realising your vision, please get in touch. Whether you’d like to come into the showroom or have a virtual consultation, we’re happy to accommodate. If you’d like to know more about what we do, check out our other services.

Cheverell’s dedicated project management service

When people approach us, they’re looking for something bespoke and beautiful: handmade cabinetry and joinery for kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and more; carefully crafted one-off pieces; the highest levels of skill and made-to-measure detail. However, many clients are surprised to discover how far our project management service extends.

The opposite of a modular, flat pack company

Every Cheverell commission begins with a conversation. We take the time to understand your requirements, desired aesthetic, and practical considerations, tailoring the project to suit your lifestyle and personal tastes. From here, we translate your brief into reality.

Our project management service in action

Our experts only design and manufacture to the individual client’s specifications – no flat packs in sight. Every element of the design and manufacturing process is undertaken in our welcoming showroom and factory in Devizes, Wiltshire. But our work doesn’t stop there.

A hands-on project management service

We view project management as an integral part of our made-to-measure cabinetry and joinery service. Having worked on a diverse range of prestigious properties, we understand the demand for ever more varied workmanship and materials.

Undertaking building works can be enormously stressful and time-consuming. Should you wish, we’re able to completely manage your project from concept to completion, making sure all runs smoothly and on time.

Project management service

Our trusted team of sub-contractors includes electricians, plumbers, plasterers, decorators, tilers, metal workers, and upholsterers, hand-selected by our experienced designers.

Discuss your project with us – in person or virtually

Cheverell’s design and manufacturing service is available to individual clients, design houses, and independent interior designers.

In addition to designing, manufacturing, and installing your new project, we can help you select the perfect worktops, flooring, and paint colours. We also supply all major brand appliances, sinks, and taps such as Miele, Mercury, Siemens, Neff, Fisher & Paykel, and Perrin & Rowe.

Our showroom is home to stunning displays of our craftsmanship, including hand painted traditional cabinetry, spray painted contemporary kitchens, hand painted wardrobes and vanity cabinets, and hand veneered media cabinetry – as well as the best coffee in Wiltshire.

A project management meeting

To make your dream project happen, please contact Cheverell – we’re here to help. If you want to find out more about our services, check out our what we do page.

Collaborating with interior designers: Julia Blunt Interiors

Just like us, interior designers and architects are often sought by clients seeking unique, high-quality design – in the home, hotels, retail spaces, and more. 

From hand-made furniture and cabinetry to striking one-offs, the bespoke nature of Cheverell craftsmanship makes us an ideal partner for those working on prestigious projects of all sizes. 

Our service is hands-on and dependable, shaped by a love of creative teamwork. Nowhere is this more evident than in our enduring relationship with the exceptional team of interior designers at Julia Blunt Interiors (JBI). 

A blend of JBI and Cheverell handiwork
A blend of JBI and Cheverell handiwork

A Cornish collaboration 

Cheverell was introduced to JBI by one of their clients, back in 2015. They were managing a large-scale project in Cornwall, designing the interior of a spacious new build.

We were called on to craft bespoke furniture for each room in the property. This included a sociable kitchen and bar area, fitted cabin beds, bedroom wardrobes, vanity units, and cabinetry for the media room.

The end result was vibrant, modern, and airy, marrying JBI’s light, bright design with Cheverell’s sleek fitted furniture. We’ve been working together ever since. 

“Without a doubt, Cheverell is our go-to for bespoke fitted furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. We work with them from London right down to Cornwall.” – Rosie, Partner at Julia Blunt Interiors.

Cornwall project with interior designers JBI
Our first collaboration with JBI, at a property based in Cornwall

How we work together…

When working on a project with JBI, we’ll start by taking a brief, accompanied by either the builder’s or architect’s drawings. At this stage, we’ll discuss their vision, how the design is going to work for the client, and a “wish list” of practical, workable items, along with the availability of specific samples. 

Next is the introduction. We’ll meet the client at our showroom – either accompanied by a JBI designer, or alone. 

Cheverell showroom
The Cheverell showroom

After we’ve chatted through the requirements, we create a preliminary design and quotation for the fitted furniture, which corresponds with the plan of proposed works.

We will then send our design to JBI – in some cases, this will be one of a few versions, tweaked in collaboration with the client. During this process, JBI might come up with a specific idea and ask us to source additional elements such as flooring or lighting, which we are more than happy to do. 

Once the client and JBI are satisfied, the design is commissioned and signed off. We will then begin manufacturing their bespoke furniture, ready for installing once JBI’s transformative decorative work is complete. 

Bespoke, creative, beautiful 

An excellent example of Cheverell and JBI’s collaborative process is the Hampshire-based project pictured below. Together, our teams created soft, welcoming, and beautifully furnished spaces.

Project with interior designers JBI
A calming balance of minimalism and luxury in the bathroom

JBI’s client had their heart set on a virtual rendering of a bespoke kitchen created by a national kitchen company. However, the team at JBI could see this design wouldn’t work – the exterior view and quality of natural light depicted in the video were not true to life. They recommended our services to the client. 

Working with JBI’s stunning design and colour palette, we conceptualised and manufactured bespoke cabinetry that perfectly complemented the structure and feel of the kitchen. 

A gorgeous antiqued mirror splashback was fitted behind the hob, amplifying the sense of light and space. We enhanced this with an exquisite piece of white marble effect quartz, which topped the kitchen island.

Bespoke kitchen with interior designers JBI
Antiqued mirrored splashback, quartz island worktop, and bespoke cabinetry

We also designed and installed furniture for the main dressing room, drawing room, two bedrooms, the main bathroom, and a private study. This included a curved desk, elegant panelling for the bath, and vanity cabinets adorned with handles carefully selected by JBI. 

A truly enjoyable partnership 

Why do we love working with Julia Blunt Interiors? They’re an incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and warm team of interior designers with a deep understanding of their products and their clients.

Ski chalet look with interior designers JBI
Another JBI and Cheverell collaboration. Meeting a client’s brief to create a “1970s ski chalet” look

We’ve had a lot of fun partnering with them over the years, sharing many a cup of delicious coffee in our Devizes showroom.

In turn, we asked Rosie what attracts JBI to Cheverell…

“Your understanding of the client. Everyone is approached as an individual, nurtured, and attended to with excellent people skills – that’s very important to us. You also deliver what you say you’re going to deliver, without a doubt. It’s a very happy marriage.”

We love working with interior designers and architects. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

In addition to our bespoke design and joinery work, we’re able to provide a comprehensive project management service, incorporating building works, electrics, plumbing, plastering, tiling, flooring, and decoration, upon request.

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Transforming a home with bespoke cabinetry and colour

An uninspiring kitchen. Clunky, cramped storage setups. Decor that’s more tired than uplifting. Stuck inside, most of us have found ourselves noticing all the things calling out for improvement in our homes.

Bespoke cabinetry and clever colour palettes can transform even the most difficult of spaces. To give you a little inspiration, we thought we’d share the story of a stunning home makeover we recently completed.

Going back in time to the 70s

The history behind this project made it a real labour of love. The property we were working on was built by the owner himself, back in the early 70s. He also installed the kitchen in 1974.

We were called on to give the kitchen, utility room, and pantry a total makeover. After an initial onsite meeting, we followed up with a design and quotation for the three rooms.

Transforming what was dark and moody into something so light and airy was a great challenge – one that suited Cheverell through and through. We started from scratch, removing the old kitchen and project managing the electrics, plumbing, plastering, flooring, decoration, and tiling, alongside our design and joinery work.

Before kitchen makeover
Before …

The marriage of bespoke cabinetry and colour

To open up the space, we started by conceptualising and building bespoke cabinetry for a Country Shaker style kitchen, pantry, and utility room.

We designed the new cabinetry to be compact yet elegant. Unlike its boxy green predecessor, it complements the rooms rather than dominating them, letting in as much natural light as possible.

We completed the cabinetry with a sprayed paint finish in Farrow and Ball’s ‘Cabbage White’, a shade that helps magnify the sense of light and space. This effect is further enhanced by a sleek, glass-panelled cabinet, which we custom-built for the kitchen.

Bespoke cabinetry
After: glass-panelled cabinet

No longer an overcrowded cupboard, the pantry morphed into a well-balanced space structured by thoughtfully designed storage solutions.

Bespoke pantry
Pantry: before and after

We continued the light, bright theme with solid oak and pristine quartz worktops in each room, along with new Ca’ Pietra limestone flooring in the kitchen.

To add a modern splash of colour, we switched the retro tiles bordering worktops in the kitchen with ones handmade by Marlborough Tiles, in soft shades of blue.

Bespoke kitchen cabinetry
Tiles and cabinetry: before and after

Blending the old with the new

While our client wanted a dramatic home makeover, he was keen to retain some original elements, including the warm terracotta tiles in the utility room and pantry.

The tiles needed restorative work, so we sourced a skilled refurbisher who did an excellent job bringing them back to their former glory.

Utility room makeover
Utlity: before and after. Original, refurbished Terracotta floor tiles.

We also incorporated a piece of history in the kitchen island worktop: an exquisite piece of marble that had been in the property for 35 years. It makes for a striking focal point in the kitchen, doubling as the perfect spot for casual family meals and drinks with friends.

Bespoke cabinetry kitchen makeover
Kitchen island marble worktop. Utility: before and after, including stylish Belfast sink

A brand new black Aga replaced the old green version in the kitchen – another nod to the traditional character of the property.

To add an element of classic charm to the utility room, we installed a stylish Belfast sink.

Bespoke kitchen with breakfast bar
Kitchen: after, with new black Aga

What a fantastic project and client. The contrast between the before and after shots serves to illustrate the transformative power of bespoke cabinetry, craftsmanship, and design.

If you’re keen to get started on your home makeover, please get in touch, and we can arrange a virtual consultation. If you’d like to know more about what we do, check out our service page.

Straight from the showroom…

Well, I’m back in the office, and I’m glad, having missed the structure and balance of the work environment. Just by walking into our showroom, it’s hard not to feel inspired. 

Our MD, Production Director, and CAD drafter remained working onsite (observing government guidelines) over the last six weeks. 

We wanted to let you know that Cheverell’s purpose remains the same: to create beautiful and unique spaces such as bespoke kitchens, home offices and furniture for our clients to enjoy. As a result, we’ve taken positive steps to ensure we continue to deliver the best level of customer service. 

In place of site meetings, we’re now offering virtual design consultations. At just the click of a button, you can discuss your vision with us – from the comfort of your own home.  

Virtual consultation in the Cheverell showroom

The new normal

We’re carefully introducing measures to adapt to ‘the new normal’ and keep everyone safe.

For peace of mind, I’ve moved my workspace down into the showroom, utilising the handmade study display as my base. It’s the ideal spot to focus while maintaining social distancing – plus, there’s excellent coffee. 

Social distancing is working well amongst members of the team who have returned to our premises. We’re implementing safeguards to protect those on the shop floor and office personnel, and everyone is aware of the new protocol. 

Going virtual 

Our virtual design consultations are easy to arrange. Most importantly of all, they’re convenient for you. These meetings tend to take place via Zoom, but other live video feeds are available, should you wish to use one. We’re also communicating with our clients via Instagram, WhatsApp, email, and Pinterest Boards, keeping the creative ball rolling. 

In addition to our consultations, we can virtually showcase samples of quartz, granite, paint finishes, and material swatches, along with the intricate detail featured in our handmade cabinetry. 

Another great thing about digital innovation? We’re able to give handheld virtual tours of the showroom and the factory, so you can see first hand that we are a completely bespoke design and manufacturing company. 

If you’d like to talk or arrange a virtual design consultation, please get in touch. We’re here and ready to help. If you’d like to know more about what we do, check out our service page.

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5 tips to transform your kitchen into the perfect home office

Many of us are working from home at the moment, setting up makeshift offices in various rooms around the house.

The bedroom and living room should be sanctuaries of rest and relaxation, and, if you have a study, it may have been snapped up by your other half or changed into a classroom for your children.

So, where can you get your work done, comfortably and in peace? The kitchen, of course. Almost always the heart of the home, it can double up as the perfect home office – with freshly brewed coffee just a few steps away.

Here are 5 top tips to transform your kitchen into the ideal workspace…

1. Utilise your kitchen island or table

Whether you have a kitchen island or a freestanding table, both make for a great workstation. By necessity, they’re highly versatile, acting as the family breakfast spot, entertainment area, and, during working hours, a spacious desk for you.

Whereas kitchen counters tend to be populated by appliances and cooking utensils, the surface of a kitchen island or table is easy to clear for work purposes, transforming back into a hangout zone come evening.

Kitchen islands

2. Pick the best view

As one of the largest rooms in most homes, the kitchen is filled with natural light – great for keeping you energised throughout the day.

Rather than opting for a seat opposite the fridge or cooker, pick a position with a view out across your garden or the surrounding landscape. By looking up from the screen intermittently, you can give your eyes a rest and resharpen your focus, so why not enjoy a restorative view of nature instead of your toaster?

Kitchens with views

3. Repurpose your kitchen storage

The bespoke kitchen is packed with clever storage solutions for your work materials, from under-counter nooks to spacious cupboards and pantries. Take the time to reshuffle kitchen items, and make room for work equipment, ensuring your home office remains organised and clutter-free.

Kitchen storage

4. Bring the outdoors inside

Create the best possible work environment for yourself by bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside. A vase of fresh flowers or some verdant potted plants can add a splash of colour and natural beauty to your surroundings, lifting your spirits on those days when the hours seem to drag.

Kitchen plants

5. Create a break area

Throughout the day, it’s good to step away from your laptop for a few minutes here and there. While a change of scene will be welcome during your lunch hour, it’s worth creating a small ‘time-out’ area for the occasional breather, somewhere in your kitchen.

You might choose to move an armchair into a cosy corner, or perhaps you’ve spotted a generous windowsill that’s just waiting for a cushion or two. Once you’ve set it up, you can sit back and relax.

Kitchen break area

To find out how Cheverell can help you create your dream space, please get in touch with our design team today. We are open for business remotely and telephone or online face-to-face consultations are available.

Want to know more about what we do? Check out our service page.

An Ode to: Period Properties

Works of art in their own right, period properties are celebrations of traditional craftsmanship and character. Of course, we’re big fans.

We’ve worked on many period properties over the years, restoring and reimagining their rooms to reflect the present owners’ tastes.

Here are just two of our favourite projects…

The Butlers Pantry

The Butler’s Pantry, Bradford-on-Avon

Sitting in 9.4 acres of lovely landscaped grounds, Grade II-listed South Wraxhall House is a beautiful Georgian property steeped in historic charm.

Cheverell was called on to renovate the ‘Butler’s Pantry’ and give it a new lease of life.

We tidied up the existing wooden panelling, complimenting this with bespoke cabinetry, built in our Devizes workshop. These components were then hand-painted in a vivid jewel tone, Farrow & Ball’s ‘Stiffkey Blue’. Artisans tiles were used for the flooring.

Washing the room in one bold, monochromatic shade filled it with warmth and personality, making ‘The Butler’s Pantry’ a space you can’t help but enjoy being in.

The Butlers Pantry Sink

The colour was accented by new, solid concrete worktops and a Butler sink, also in concrete, adorned with the elegant Rudge Arundel tap in Weathered Copper, a nod to the room’s traditional heritage.

The Manor Kitchen

The Manor Kitchen, Newbury

The characterful Manor House was one of our favourite projects – we had a lot of fun collaborating with a wonderful client.

We were asked to design a classic bespoke kitchen that would sit in harmony with the property’s period roots, dating back to the 1800s.

The room we worked on called for a great deal of respect. We hand-crafted a bespoke shaker inframe kitchen with an inset mitred bead, carefully installing our handiwork in the existing architectural setting.

The cabinetry was hand-painted in Farrow & Ball’s rich navy shade, ‘Railings’. Two kinds of work-tops were used, adding texture and drama to the space: Honed Carrara marble for the counters and solid planked Limed Oak for the island, merged with a 4” thick end grained chopping block.

Oak kitchen storage

The classic theme was continued with the choice of fittings and fixtures, including a gorgeous double Belfast sink, Adobe Pronteau 4in1 brushed nickel tap, and a rustic Aga, brought along from the client’s previous property and lovingly refurbished.

The beauty of bespoke

The reinvention of a room within a period property calls for intelligent design and skilled craftsmanship – that’s what we’re all about.

To us, our service extends beyond bespoke bathrooms, home offices an joinery and furniture. We’re here to help: our designers work closely with you, from the outset of your project right through to its completion, guiding you every step of the way.

Want to know more about what we do here at Cheverell? Take a look at our service pages to find out more.

Designing the dream anti-allergy kitchen

When we say ‘bespoke’ here at Cheverell, the word means more than ‘hand-made’ or ‘one of a kind’. It means taking the time to really understand what our clients want.

Our latest project, The Garsdon Kitchen, perfectly demonstrates the steps we take to create beautiful, thoughtfully designed spaces. The client had specific health requirements that influenced a great deal of the design process, along with her bold, playful taste in interiors. The result was a truly characterful, gorgeous kitchen she can enjoy for years to come.

Spray painted handle-less kitchen. Walnut interiors, anti-allergy

A chemical allergy

We’ve tailored projects to accommodate specific conditions and allergies before, so when our client asked if we could create a bespoke kitchen that wouldn’t trigger her volatile organic compound (VOC) allergy, we were more than happy to help.

The initial stages of the project were spent understanding the modern, colourful look she had in mind and researching the best paints, lacquers, and materials containing little to no formaldehyde, a commonplace VOC found in products such as paints, lacquers, and upholstery fabrics.

Spray painted handle-less kitchen. Quartz worktops

Beautiful, contemporary cabinetry

Our client wanted a sleek, handless kitchen that oozed personality.

When it came to choosing colours for the cabinetry, she had her heart set on Farrow & Ball’s ‘Brinjal’, a rustic aubergine hue, and ‘Skimming Stone’ a subtle off-white shade. In their original formulation, these paints would have caused her to have an allergic reaction, so we worked with the manufacturer to create water-based matches.

We used allergy-friendly American Black Walnut Veneer with a Tulipwood Ply Core and Medite Ecologique board for the carcasses and doors. These were sprayed and finished with water-based lacquers, stains, and paints with a low level of VOCs, matching our client’s brief perfectly.

Elica Hob Extractor in anti-allergy kitchen

Intelligent design

Most of us practically live in our kitchens, so they need to be designed for real-life: cooking, entertaining, and everything in between.

To create a special space for socialising, we crafted a raised solid walnut worktop – the ideal seating area for casual meals and drinks. Its clever design provides extra cabinet space, hidden beneath the worktop.

Next, we fitted an on-trend white Elica NikolaTesla hob, which uses innovative technology to direct all extraction beneath counters. It blended seamlessly with the exquisite COMPAC Calacatta Quartz worktops we installed (in ‘Glace’), accented by the room’s rich colour palette.

Pendant lighting in Cheverell kitchen

Pops of pink

Visitors to our client’s home will notice her love of the colour pink threaded throughout the interior decor – it’s her favourite shade.

To reflect this in the kitchen, she commissioned us to design and build a bespoke walnut veneer beverage station, adding gorgeous pops of Opticolour’s ‘Vivid Pink’ to the worktop and splashback, along with a Quooker tap and sink. The radiators were coated in the same bright colour, carrying the theme throughout the room.

A great project – and a lot of fun!

If you’d like to know more about what we do, check out our service pages.

Cheverell Apprentice Owen Thomson Wins Apprentice of the Year!

Cheverell lives and breathes beautiful, traditionally built cabinetry and joinery. It’s at the heart of all we do. To contribute to its endurance, we invest in apprenticeships that pave the way for bright futures in the kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms (KBB) industry, teaching essential skills to the next generation of craftsmen, in-house.

Not long ago, Owen Thomson completed his apprenticeship at Cheverell, becoming a qualified Cabinet Maker. He’s since become an established member of our highly talented team.

We’re therefore extremely proud to announce that Owen has just won Wiltshire College’s prestigious Apprentice of the Year Award, in the Carpentry and Joinery category. It gives us great pleasure to hear his wonderful news – congratulations!

Owen Thomson collecting his award

By developing the skill sets of our staff, we ensure the legacy of bespoke work for years to come here at Cheverell. We’ll always be committed to delivering exceptional cabinetry and joinery, crafted in our very own workshop.

Our dedication to developing new talent through the apprenticeship scheme continues, with a new apprentice starting at Cheverell this week. Watch this space.

You can find out more about us at Cheverell on our About Us page.