October 30, 2019 | | Author: Neil Straker

Cheverell invests in the latest CNC technology to increase business efficiency and productivity as part of drive for continuous improvement.

We pride ourselves for being a company that hand makes bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and furniture in-house. Our Devizes workshop is of pivotal importance to us, allowing us to have complete control of each project throughout the entire production process.

To deliver the highest quality of furniture, our investment into the business is vital. We have a great team of dedicated craftsmen, up-to-date machines and the latest technology, which, when combined provide an exemplary level of service and reliability.

Our largest and latest investment is a HOMAG CENTAEQ P-110. The new state of the art CNC machine enables us to produce various components required for the manufacture of our kitchens, bathrooms and furniture while offering performance and versatility.

HOMEAG CNC machine

The P-110 works using pre-programmed computer software which dictates the movement of the machines router head. The head can cut, drill, make mouldings, engrave and create fantastic curved components using a 5 axis application, all the precision.

As the machine approaches its first birthday, it’s apparent how transformational it has been in the production of furniture. Its fast and precise technology has increased both business efficiency and productivity, enabling us to reduce production time yet retain accuracy in the finer details.

If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss some of your ideas with our design team, please get in touch.

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