May 29, 2024 | | Author: Neil Straker

Most of us have a vision of how we imagine our living spaces looking and considering we spend a lot of time in our kitchens, we have a good idea of how we want them to look and function. By choosing a bespoke kitchen, you can create a kitchen in your own image. 

What makes a kitchen bespoke?

By choosing to have a bespoke kitchen fitted, you’re opening your kitchen up to endless possibility. What this means is that you are not limited to any restriction other than the space that your kitchen sits in. 

For example, if you’re looking for a certain type of kitchen cabinet, but you’re not quite happy with any of the panels that any of the pre-made kitchen offers, bespoke cabinetry will allow for you to adapt and change parts to suit you. This goes for every element within the kitchen. 

Alongside having the ability to choose the exact design you want, you will have the chance to work alongside kitchen specialists who can help you design your ideal kitchen. Unlike regular retailers, these specialists will work a lot more closely with you to design your kitchen and even made many of the pieces within your kitchen by hand, delivering quality to maximise space and optimise detail.

With all this in mind, a bespoke kitchen sets itself apart from typical standard off-the-shelf kitchens that you would find in a large retail kitchen brand. 

What are the benefits of a bespoke kitchen

When choosing to have bespoke made, you will see a variety of benefits that you won’t get when opting for a regular, off-the-shelf or measured-to-order type of kitchen. 

Made to suit you – Arguably the biggest benefit of having a bespoke designed kitchen is that you can customise your kitchen exactly how you want it. From materials to size and dimensions, you can work within your space to create the kitchen that suits your both style and needs. 

More attention and care – When you get a bespoke made kitchen, you will have a team of kitchen specialists working closely with you to help make your dream a reality. These specialists have vast experience in working on tailor made kitchens and can offer you insights that go above and beyond a regular kitchen fitting. 

Superior quality – Kitchens that have been bespoke made for your kitchen will be cut, measured and designed by hand in house. This attention to detail ensures that the quality of kitchen you receive is noticeably superior to that of a mass produced kitchen from a kitchen retail brand. 

Maximise Space – Due to everything being tailor made to fit your kitchen, every single inch is maximised to ensure that you get the most out of the space available. Whether you’re fitting a wine wrack or a spice cabinet, everything will be measured to fit within your boundaries. 

Property value – Just like any other improvement on your property, improving your kitchen will greatly improve your property. But bespoke kitchens can do that little bit more. Providing your style is popular, the quality and durability of the bespoke kitchen will give the property an even greater boost in value. 

Our Kitchen Services

At Cheverell, we will work closely to help you design and create your dream bespoke kitchen. Our team of kitchen design specialists will work closely with you to create a kitchen that suits you both in style and functionality.

Looking for some inspiration? In our gallery we feature a variety of different bespoke kitchens that we have worked on. Whether you’re looking for contemporary and modern style kitchen design, a classic timeless shaker, or even a blend of both, our services give you the chance to build a kitchen truly bespoke to you. 

On top of tailor made designs and an expert specialist service, we utilise some of the best brands available in terms of utilise and decoration including Farrow and Ball paints, Neff, Quooker Flex and Cube.

For more information on our bespoke kitchen services, contact us today to speak to one of our design specialists. 

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